The work of The Nathar Foundation, Inc began in 2000, as a volunteer youth program held at a local church in the state of Illinois. Over the years the program has become recognized for teaching youth various dance genres, while also teaching biblical principals, team work, self-discipline, healthy self-image, and perseverance through dance. 

The word NATHAR (Naw-thar) means to overcome.  It is a Hebrew word meaning to leap up, untie, let loose, set free, release, withdraw, undo, drive asunder, to strip off. This word also means to terrify. It carries the idea that the enemy is terrified by the rejoicing saints of God; and also denotes the thought that dancing before the Lord will cause a loosening or shaking off of fear, bondage, and timidity. This causes us to overcome or "leap over" those things that keep us from fully become all God intended.


Today the organization is a recognized Christian 501(c)(3) organization that has expanded it’s offerings through various partnerships. The Nathar Foundation, Inc. offers supports and services to youth and their families from preschool through the early adult years. Our main supports and services include dance training, while offering other things such as mentoring, tutoring, academic enrichment, self-esteem training, social enrichment, vocational training and more through partnerships. The Nathar Foundation, Inc. also offers information and referral services, and works to educate the community about ways to support young women during the most critical years of their lives in order to help them excel.

At The Nathar Foundation, Inc we teach our students to overcome obstacles while utilizing dance as a vehicle. The Nathar Foundation, Inc offers a host of new styles and variety of classes to dancers. Using encouragement to bring out the best in everyone, we provide a supportive yet challenging atmosphere.  With The Nathar Foundation, Inc, it's not a competition or a battle to see who is the best dancer but a collaborative effort that allows you to reach your highest potential as a dancer and individual.  


Why Dance With Us


Students who dance with The Nathar Foundation, Inc. are able to build individual strength and resilience, the ability to effectively self-regulate, which is an important factor that helps youth navigate challenges, and is predictive of positive development.  Our program has also been credited for helping young women to positively contribute to their communities and students who have been exposed to our training have gone on to be leaders in the community as well. 


Why We Use Dance as a tool for Youth Development 


Research shows that dance contributes to aesthetic, moral, and intellectual values as well as to enhancing physical adeptness and overall well-being. 

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